Lincoln Village is a suburban community located in Franklin County, Ohio. As a part of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, Lincoln Village presents a harmonious blend of suburban convenience with a touch of its own unique charm. Over the years, it has established itself as a preferred residential area for those seeking a community-centric atmosphere within close proximity to the bustling activities of the state's capital.


Geographically, Lincoln Village sprawls across a landscape that's typical of central Ohio: flat to gently undulating terrains. The community is strategically laid out, ensuring easy access to major roadways for commuting purposes. Green spaces are interspersed among residential zones, offering residents recreational areas and opportunities for outdoor activities. Its location ensures it benefits from both the tranquility of suburban living and the advantages of being near Columbus, making commutes and access to city amenities convenient.


Lincoln Village is home to a diverse demographic. Its residents span various age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and professional fields. Families form a notable portion of the community, lured by the area's schools, parks, and the general sense of neighborhood camaraderie. Many of the residents either work within Lincoln Village or commute to nearby areas, including Columbus, creating a blend of local and city professionals. The educational background of residents is diverse, with many having pursued higher educational degrees, contributing to a well-informed and community-driven populace.

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